[solved] How can I control my locs in RocJ

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[solved] How can I control my locs in RocJ

Postby agre30 » 27.01.2012, 19:17

RocJ works. I have a connection between my Win7 laptop with RocJ and my win-XP PC. I see my plan in RocJ and I can controll the switches. But no locs.

In Rocview on my PC everything works fine. I controll the locs and switches with my mouse. I don't have blocks or routes defined.

What can I do?

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Postby rjversluis » 27.01.2012, 19:18

Hi Albert,

you can only control locos when they are in blocks with RocJ.

RocJ is not a throttle; User andRoc, iRoc or padRoc for that purpose.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Postby agre30 » 27.01.2012, 19:48

Hi Rob,
Thanks for your quick response.
I discovered I don't need RocJ. Rocview runs on my laptop, rocral runs on my pc. I can controll the trains and the switches with my laptop.

Rocrail rules. Next step: get rid of the 'donation' screen. Rocrail is worth to pay for.

Just for fun I will try to install a webcam to controll the trains from another room.


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