Opening RocWeb or Server Monitor

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Opening RocWeb or Server Monitor

Postby DavidH » 12.09.2015, 19:37

I am running the RocRail demo plan on my Mac, which is also running Apache, so is running a web server.

I am trying to look at RocWeb (me.local:8088) also ServerMonitor (me.local:53701) from a laptop (W10) on my local network. (I can see my default (me.local) on my mac)

I get Web Page Not available - err_connection_refused

If I do the same thing from my Mac the Browser (Safari) simply stalls, no error messages nothing.

No hardware is connected to the Mac (RocRail) - I am simply trying to evaluate Rocrail features, prior to starting to build a layout and to use Rocrail - I am running an August 2015 build.


Re: Opening RocWeb or Server Monitor

Postby rjversluis » 13.09.2015, 06:35

Best Regards, Rob.
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Re: Opening RocWeb or Server Monitor

Postby DavidH » 14.09.2015, 21:37

Hi Rob,
Thank-you for your prompt reply - I had assumed that the default ports were automatically set up, and that I did not have to enter the values in the relevant dialog boxes.


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