(Solved) No Rocweb

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(Solved) No Rocweb

Postby dhadzi » 21.11.2015, 12:22

Hi Rob,
For a long time I trying to figure out why I can't see only My_Plan in browser (Firefox 42.0), other plans I can see! :?:
I am sending the Issues of My_Plan, dated 20.11. and 21.11.
Thanks for your help in advance!
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Re: No Rocweb

Postby rjversluis » 21.11.2015, 12:35

Hi Dusan,

this can only be a not well formed XML.
You can check what is wrong with it:

http://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php?id=roc ... e_shooting
Best Regards, Rob.
:!: PS: Do not forget to attach the usual files.
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Re: (Solved) No Rocweb

Postby dhadzi » 21.11.2015, 16:01

Hi Rob,
Old rule is: if nothing helps, read instruction!

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