What sensors and how to connect them to computer?


What sensors and how to connect them to computer?

Postby DerrickS » 17.08.2011, 22:21

Hi all,

I have created a layout and am using dcc232 with ORD-3. I can control the trains and switches manually from rocrail. The next step is to add sensors to enable me to use automatic control of trains. There seems to be a confusing amount of types of sensor (what is best?) but, more confusingly, how to interface the sensors to the computer with my current set up.

Regards Derrick

Postby rjversluis » 18.08.2011, 05:59

Hi Derrick,

the dcc232 can only generate the DCC signal.

For sensors I recommend the LocoNet DIY boards from Peter: MGV50, 93, 85.

Best Regards, Rob.
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Postby DerrickS » 20.08.2011, 20:25

Thanks Rob,

I will take a look.
I am just finding my way around dcc and rocrail.
I decided on ORD-3 because it looked like a nice simple solution
with my limited knowledge. Was it the right choice?

Regards Derrick

Postby cdnrider » 26.08.2011, 13:39

I have some of those boards and they are great.
I purchased just the PCB and PIC and sourced all my own components.
Pleasantly surprised when I plugged it in the 1st time and it worked as expected. (the surprise was not about the quality of MGV, more about my soldering skills)


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