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padRoc: The coming iPad Client

PostPosted: 27.10.2010, 07:31
by rjversluis

I started to develop a Rocrail client for the Apple iPad.

If some progress is made I will report it here.

PostPosted: 27.10.2010, 07:46
by geraldfg95
Hi Rob
Very well !
Now i known the reason for buy a ipad ! :lol:

thanks !
Best Regard


PostPosted: 27.10.2010, 09:55
by gramels

PostPosted: 27.10.2010, 10:00
by nobody

Mein Englich ist nicht das beste, lese ich es richtig, es wird doch eine iPad Version geben?

Da hätte ich intresse und würde auch testen, da ich ein iPad habe.

Grüße Philipp

PostPosted: 27.10.2010, 10:13
by Pirat-Kapitan
Hallo Rob,

und für mich wäre es ein Grund, mir ein iPad zuzulegen (als device mit einem gut funktionierenden touchscreen).

Schöne Grüße

sorry, here in english:
good idea, it would solve my problem what pad to bay.

Best regards

PostPosted: 27.10.2010, 17:33
by rjversluis

PostPosted: 28.10.2010, 18:37
by Helge
please, for your development, take in to consideration to implement a throttle to control locos. Just focusing on the track plan will not thrash out the technical potential of the ipad

Nevertheless a great decision.



PostPosted: 28.10.2010, 19:11
by rjversluis
Hi Helge,

A throttle will be added but with a secondary priority.

PostPosted: 28.10.2010, 19:23
by rjversluis

iPad needs an other approach then its little iPhone brother so it took me a little wile to figure out how to put the pieces together.

But it grows little by little:

The System view uses the Button class from iRoc. ;)
Most of the iRoc classes can be used in padRoc.

PostPosted: 29.10.2010, 15:48
by rjversluis
The track plan is parsed:

PostPosted: 29.10.2010, 16:22
by RainerK
Hi Rob,

your pace :coding: is again breathtaking :thumb_up:

Take a break and :coffee: or :coffee: :coffee:

Best Regards

PostPosted: 29.10.2010, 17:16
by rjversluis
Hi Rainer,

I will tranquilize my self with a tranquilizer.;)

But I'm satisfied with the results of my work. :)

PostPosted: 29.10.2010, 17:30
by rjversluis
Hi Rainer,

today I needed two new winter tires which did cost almost the same as an iPad...

So testing with the real thing is more or less a issue for Xmas.

PostPosted: 29.10.2010, 19:05
by RainerK
Hi Rob,

rubber is a expensiv thing :roll:

Silicon is only the sand of the sea :wink:

Best Regards

PostPosted: 30.10.2010, 15:22
by rjversluis
Controlling the switches of! :)