problème 2 trains sur une voie

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problème 2 trains sur une voie

Post by Jadbalja » 12.01.2019, 11:46

Bonjour. J'ai une boucle simple de 13 metres, 4 cantons avec enter et in. Je n'arrive pas a se faire suivre 2 trains, ils se mettent rapidement à vitesse quasi nulle. Merci pour votre aide

Hello. I have a simple loop of 13 meters, 4 blocks with enter and in. I can not drive 2 trains, they quickly start at almost zero speed. Thanks, kind regards
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Re: problème 2 trains sur une voie

Post by smitt48 » 12.01.2019, 14:32


I placed a train in bk1 and bk3.
Started with the virtual controller, both trains start and are waiting for me to click the sensors.
A train in block1, can only travel to the block2 if the block is completely empty, that means the leading train has arrived by the IN of the third block. The leading train can go to block4, but has to wait until the trailing train has arrived in block2 (IN), etc. So depending on the speed of the trains a lot of braking occurs. Try adding a block.
09:16:12 average velocity of [BB 63981 Fret] in block [bk2] was 332.9 KM/H
Why do you say almost 0? :mrgreen:


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