Which CBUS kits


Which CBUS kits

Postby kbriffa » 04.12.2011, 00:41


Could someone tell me if I can use the MERG CBUS kits with Rocrail by connecting them via their USB kit (CANUSB) or if I need to buy a CAN-GC1 kit?


Postby RainerK » 04.12.2011, 01:46

Hi Kenneth,

please look at this wiki-page: http://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php?id=cbus-en
IMHO You find there the information You wish: Rocrail is CANUSB compatible

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Postby rjversluis » 04.12.2011, 07:53

[EDIT: New answer]
Hi Kenneth,
sorry, I did not read you Q very well because my previous answer did not fit.
As Rainer already wrote: Yes you can use the MERG CBUS Kits with Rocrail; I have them too for testing.

[EDIT: Old answer]
Hi Kenneth,

yes, you can use the CANUSB with CAN-GC* modules.
But if you do not have a CAN-GC1 you must provide an alternative 12V power supply for the other CAN-GC* modules.
You could buy a CAN-GC1 PCB and assemble only the power supply part on that board. If you have a CANUSB 5V you could feed it also from the CAN-GC1 with an extra 7805; I will attach a photo of that solution.
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Postby kbriffa » 04.12.2011, 13:49

Thanks for your answers. I hadn't seen (although I looked for) that page in the Wiki.


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