CBUS 24 hour test


CBUS 24 hour test

Postby rjversluis » 23.03.2013, 16:17

Peter did a 24 hour test with GCA-CBUS and the magnet counter option in Rocrail.
Test result: 100% reliable.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Postby phg » 23.03.2013, 19:40

To fill in the complete information about the 24 hrs test:

The test circuit is a commuter circuit with three in line blocks.
One Loc, N-scale, is running drawing / pushing 2 waggons.
Loc and both waggons have magnet underneath.
A complete trip from block 1 to block 3 takes on average 1 minute, passing 2 wheelcounters (magnet counters) and 2 "IN" events.
Rocrail was set to count magnets. Loosing one count would stop the automatic driving.
So for 24 hours , the train did travel 24 x 60 = 1440 times, and activating on each trip 8 x hallsensor.
In total 1440 x 8 = 11520 hall-sensors were activated and the same amount of messages were passed to Rocrail.

Hardware setup:

CAN-GC1e with Conceptronic router
1 x CAN-GC2
1 x CAN-GC3
1 x CAN-GC6 (one switch was activated every loop, but not really used)
1 x GCA173 hall-sensor buffer board.

Laptop with Ubuntu, Rocrail version 4873.

My compliments to Rocrail :rr_for_ever: :well_done:
Best regards, herzliche Grüße, chaleureuses salutations, saludo cordial, migliori saluti, hjärtliga hälsningar, hartelijke groet,

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