Accessory control

The RC-CAB is a mobile Android client which directly connects to the command station.

Accessory control

Postby Lil Critter » 01.07.2013, 15:57

Hi this is a great app which I use for train positioning control when I'm photographing.
I'm probably missing something but when I try to access accessory control instead of showing 'F' on the pop up as per the demo page I get 'M' which is greyed out and I can't control my points. I'm using Revision 79 on Xpressnet.
Any help would be much appreciated
Lil Critter

Postby rjversluis » 01.07.2013, 17:02


I don't no why it was disabled but I enabled it again in revision 80.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Postby Lil Critter » 01.07.2013, 17:25

Thanks for that Rob, where can I get revision 80 from please? Google play lists version 79 as the latest
Edit...... downloaded revision 80 from Google Play, many thanks
Lil Critter

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