Arduino USB interface for sensor feedback to Rocrail

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Re: Arduino USB interface for sensor feedback to Rocrail

Post by pesitalia » 29.11.2018, 20:02

Hi Laszlo
I have just installed an arduino mega with circa 40 IR sensors used as 'position sensors' in my layout. I have connected the arduino to rocrail via serial port. Everything is fine except that I cannot find a way to instruct rocrail to automatically query all sensors at startup, in order to view their actual status in the track plan as soon as it opens up. In fact they are all green, as if there was communication between transmitter and receiver , which is not the case for some of them because of a loco actually located between T and R blocking any communication. For your info I have installed the transmitter in the rail plane looking up and the shielded receiver about 10 cm above the plane looking down to avoid any interference from ambient light. If I change status to a sensor by moving the loco back and forth , the relevant sensor on track plan will behave correctly as it will change status from green to red .
At rocrail startup I have tried to launch 'start of day' and 'query sensors' from the top menu but nothing happens; 'sensor monitor' windows is empty until I change status to a sensor, which will appear immediately in the windows showing its correct status. Can you hepl me on this?
Carlo Borra

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