Kato crossover

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Re: Kato crossover

Post by 4527pink » 22.03.2019, 13:05

Hi to both of you
Just had a quick glance, looking very helpful, due too time zones i am afraid have to go to bed ,
I am 11/ 1/2hr ahead of UK , as iam in South Australia,
First i look in to the file download section Tom ,
Richard i shall go deeper into your comments with Tom , as well
The user defult with win 7 i can see , what you mean
Are the other my command station is a NCE PRO 5 wireless from the USA
Night all

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Re: Kato crossover

Post by Suzdal » 22.03.2019, 14:33


I completely agree with you. Basically we're saying the same thing.

You have removed the RR directory out from under the "Users" directory, that's a good thing. Its position is now constant with respect to changes between Windows versions and possible Windows updates.

Second you have also removed the various test directories also out from under the "Users" directory and separated them as to case treated, as I have done.

Moving things out from under the "Users" directory also makes them independent of the user logons, another good thing. The only difference between you and I is that I have located them on a different directory, actually a hard different disk for security (disk crashes & backup). All my disks are in different drawers so I can switch them in and out easily having several workstations (3) at home :mrgreen: .

Richard (in Paris to next Friday, and anxious to leave)

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Re: Kato crossover

Post by 4527pink » 22.03.2019, 23:22

Hi Tom
When i do a install and set the path where to go as said , as it is going through the middle of the install i can see it going to
C:\rocrail\ user , in documents, Anyway for the svg i can see this in screen in virtual i can see everything, not when i go into
NCE Control
Sorry for getting of the subject ,

Have a wireless router in shed links the two computers via rocrail host ,
I have another spare Windows 10 laptop is it better to use the Win 10 , this way , instead of the Windows 7 laptop,

The catch up i used the other Windows 10 laptop, it is working in virtual , not through nce controller though , can change one sw1
And run locos and change signals
You are correct i had to get out of the default to document rocrail user path
And setup my own path in E:\ TrainOrdered\ on level 0 , and the SVGs are there
I appreciate your time , still playing at the moment

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