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Danish signals

Post by Alvinmj » 31.05.2012, 15:07

I'm about to do a track with Danish signals. The problem is that many ordinary signals can have up to 8 Signal Aspects.

See also http://www.lundsten.dk/dk_signaling/sr- ... igt_e.html

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Post by Aleksey » 31.05.2012, 20:43

This is a common problem :( . It applies to the Russian system of signaling.
A partial solution can be found here: http://forum.rocrail.net/viewtopic.php?t=1320

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Re: Danish signals

Post by fbpetersen » 01.10.2014, 17:43

Hi All danish users of Rocrail

I have created a set of danish main light signals for the SpDrS60 theme.
The set consist of 3 signals:
2 lamps, 2 aspects: Red / Green.
This type of signal can also show 'proceed through' as blinking green, but I haven't done that.

3 lamps, 3 aspscts: Red / Green / Green - Green
This signal can also show the 4th aspect: Green - Yellow, even that this type of signal can't do that.

4 lamps, 4 aspects: Red - Yellow / Green / Green - Green / Green - Yellow.
Because Rocrail use the same element for 3 and 4 aspects signals I have to be a little creative. To get this type of signal you need to those Semaphore Signal.

The signals show the following picture for aspects:
Rocrail aspect Red: Red / Red - Yellow meaning: Stop
Rocrail aspect Yellow: Green meaning: Proceed.
Rocrail aspect Green: Green - Green meaning: Proceed through.
Rocrail aspect white: Green - Yellow meaning: Proceed with reduced speed.

:coding: Finn
Bane Danmark signal theme
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