Programming Märklin decoder IB-Com

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Programming Märklin decoder IB-Com

Post by Lillemats1 » 07.02.2011, 21:03

Hi there Rocrailers.

Is there anyone out there that know how to read and write decoder cv:s to Märklin loco via Uhlenbrock IB-Com?

I placed the loco on the track and connected to "programming track" on IB-Com.
Pushed button "PT" and the green led on IB goes out and the red lights up.
When pressing button "Get" under CV:s in programmingtab, the lights on loco start blinking, but in the end i get an error message like this :

Unknown reponse to Send IMM Packet message 0x01
LNCV response
Read Programming Track: Read Unknown mode; Could be IB-Com Setting CV1 to 0 (0x00)
Status = Failed, No Write Acknowledge from decoder

Is there something i have missed? :?

Thanks in advance.


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